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Thunder Valley Dragway - Bethany Missouri

NWMO's Oldest Dragstrip



Drags - Car Show & Swap Meet


The Rumble Car Show and Drag Race


The goal being to duplicate the look and feel of the Drag Strip in Summer 1964.  Vintage Hot Rod, Customs, Drag Cars period correct to 1964 in appearance. The Rumble is dedicated to capturing a moment in time when Hot Rods were built by Car Clubs and backyard mechanics. 

Thunder Valley Raceway opened its doors as Bethany Drag Strip in the mid-1960's and is one of the oldest 1/8th mile drag strips in the mid-west and is the perfect location for The Rumble.

This is a Rain or Shine Event. No Pets-No Alcohol. There are no camp grounds at Thunder Valley Raceway.

Quick Info


Friday May 24 & 25 2019

Basic Schedule-All Events at Thunder Valley this year

Registration/Test and Tune/Club Class Qualifying/Swap Meet/Hot Rod Art Show by Neko 12:00 to 6:00 May 24

Live Music/Cackle Fest/Food May 24, 7:00 to ?

Racing May 25th including 2nd round of Club Class.

Gates open at 10:00 Saturday May 25, Swap Meet, Car Show, Swap Meet Hot Rod Art Show  & Drags begin around 11:00

Swap Meet Both Days

Rumble at Thunder Valley Price Schedule 2019


  1 Day Pass- $15.00

2 Day Pass- $25.00

Includes Friday night-music-preparty

Under 12 Free

Drag Car Pre-Registered

  Friday Only: $25.00

Saturday Only: $25.00

2 Day: $50.00 Full access

Includes admission of driver and 1 other person

Drag Car Not Pre-Registered

  Friday Only: $30.00

Saturday Only: $30.00

2 Day Pass: $60.00 Full access

Includes admission of driver and 1 other person

Show Car Pre-Registered

 1 and 2 Day Pass: $25.00

Includes admission of driver and 1 other person both days Full Access

Show Car Not Pre-Registered

 1 and 2 day Pass: $30.00

Includes admission of driver and 1 other person both days Full Access

Pre-Party Only (Friday Night) After 6:30 P.M.

$5.00 per person

Drag Racing Classes -Show Cars & Registration Races to be ran on a PRO-Tree



Below are the classes. Except for the “OPEN” all other vintage classes are for cars powered by normally aspirated Big Block, Small Block, Flat Head, vintage 4 & 6 Poppers and Hemi’s from GM, Ford, Studebaker, Hudson and Chrysler. You know what we are looking for.

Please read the class rules carefully and figure out the class you are pre-registering for. The open class is limited and if you do not declare your modern mill in pre-registration and get caught by our Tech team, you may not be able to race. No Diesel mills allowed in any classes.



Race Cars 2 days - Pre-registered $50.00 Day of event (if not sold out) $60.00


This class is for stock or near stock vehicles with the appearance of 1964 or older. No Electronic Fuel Injection/LS/Mod Motors/Turbos and must have period correct exterior appearance.

Gas Coupe/Sedan

Coupes, sedans, and other street cars with traditional power adds that can also hold their own at the track. No Electronic Fuel Injection/LS/Mod Motors/Turbos and must have period correct exterior appearance.

Competition Coupe/Sedan/Roadster

Hard top drag car built for racing using technology from 1964ish. No Electronic Fuel Injection/LS/Mod Motors/Turbos and must have period correct exterior appearance.


Front engine, bell housing straddling Rail Jobs built to go fast. These open engine race cars must use and have the appearance of a drag car from 1964. No Electronic Fuel Injection/LS/Mod Motors/Turbos. Must have period correct exterior appearance. 

There are TWO (2) Classes  of Front Engine Dragsters at The Rumble at this year.

1) Normally Aspirated  Dragster 

2) Power Added Dragster 

OPEN - Please Read Carefully

You have a 1964 or older period correct appearing hot rod with a closed engine compartment covering up the late model gasoline powered secret weapon you have, this is your class. Here is where you can race your otherwise period correct, LS, Mod Motor, V6 and other late model gasoline powered engines or non-vintage/non-traditional power adds such as nitrous-we do not want to see the bottle or the plumbing, all other modern power adders must be under the hood (careful with how the doghouse looks). Your car must look period correct (read the rules on paint and lettering) 1964 vintage regardless of what you have under the hood. This class was created due to the popularity of later model speed equipment and engines that are available, but sorry we do not want to see these late model mills and mods at this show. If you have everything under the hood and covered, you are welcome to submit photos of your car and see if it will meet registration requirements. Photos of your car, front, back (including rear tires) and sideview must be included with your pre-registration. 

All Classes and Show Cars


Additional notes applicable to all classes – your car should have an external appearance of from early to mid 60’s. This means fiberglass hood scoops; fender flares or other modern body mods (modern lettering) will keep your car from qualifying for the event. No Pro-Stock, Pro-Touring 70’s or 80’s appearing Hot Rods we be allowed in the pit area or on the track. There are races and shows every weekend for cars like these. 


DRAG CLASSES - First Place of each Class will receive a Vintage 1964 "Rumble Drags" Vintage Trophy.  We will be running all classes using a PRO-TREE.

In addition to competing for a cool 1964 Vintage Drag Racing First Place Trophy, 1st & 2nd place class winners will receive complimentary registration to Greaserama #18 and be a featured guest in a special display section at this year's Greaserama car show that is themed: "DRAG RACE"


Car Show: If you have a Stock, Hot Rod, Custom or Race Car that is Vintage to 1964 or older, has the right wheels and looks like it might have been sitting track side in 1964 your car needs to be at The Rumble Car Show. The car show will overlook the drag strip where you can watch the guys flog their cars down the 1/8th mile. It’s the best seat in the house.

The rules are the rules- Your car must have the vintage look, wheels and car must be period correct.  Rat Rods assembled with a mixed bag of parts to the point they are not recognizable by brand and model year are NOT VINTAGE. Your car must be a traditional, vintage style Absolutely NO BILLET, Oversized wheels or any other wheel that would not be of 1964ish vintage. If in doubt, ask before you register. We are trying to recreate a moment in time, 1964. 

Registration: Let’s make this event enjoyable for everyone including the volunteers working the show. When you Pre-Register, send at 3 photo’s that show the side view, rear and 1 photo close up of your wheels and tires. This will help us qualify your car and help your entry into the show area much faster. 

Just like the guys drag racing, if you Pre-Register your car with a photos, your car must appear like the photo when you show up for the show (and remain that way for the duration of the show). Most of our volunteers have been working other shows for many years and we have heard all the excuses like “I forgot to put my other wheels on”.  

Pre-Registration Instructions for Show Cars and Drag Cars. 

Race/Test and Tune Friday Only: $25.00

Race Pre-Registered  $50.00 / Day of event $60.00  (Friday Test and Tune and Saturday)

Show Pre-Registered  $25.00 / Day of event $30.00 (Saturday)

Pre-Registration closes May 12, 2019

1) Take a photo of 1- Sideview of the entire car

2) Take a photo of the rear of your car

3) Take a close up photo of your wheels

4) Submit these photos with: Year, Make, Model, Engine Type (Race Cars), Your Name and Address to

5) Watch for a return email from us with more information within 24 hours of your submission. If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours- please resend email to

Contact us

Race Car Pre-Screen and Registration Form

Pre-Screen Link -  or download the form below to desktop and email with photos & completed form to

Car Show Pre-Screen and Registration Form

Pre-Screen link - or dowload form below to desktop and email with photos & completed form to

Non-Negotiables and Guiding Principles



This is event is being organized and held by like-minded volunteers. With that said, the rules are the rules and challenging the rules with whining or cheating will likely result in you being uninvited to the event without a refund. If you do not think you can comply with the rules, then please do not attend the event and ruin it for our volunteers and other participants. While we want everyone to come out and have fun, some folks need to be reminded that they are not “entitled” to anything and do not have the right to ruin the event for any else attending.

The following rules are required to race or show at The Rumble


- Cars must look like vehicles at a drag strip in 1964 or earlier.

- CARS MUST BE 1964 or earlier – The only exception being body style change.  Such as a 64 – 65 Ford Trucks,  64-65 Chevy Trucks, 64-65 Falcon, 64-65 Dart, 64-65 Valiant, 64-65 Belvedere, 64-65 Dodge Trucks, 64-65 Olds products, 64- 65-IHC, 64-65 Pontiac (Except GTO), etc.  These are cars other than slight changes keep the overall previous model years styling. You know what we mean - This rule does eliminate Mustangs and unidentifiable Rat Rods Style cars but the good news is there are probably 10 other shows this weekend for both of those types of cars.

- The Rum Picks: The Rumble reserves the right to allow a car to participate that we like and it too cool to miss the Rumble Car Show and/or Drag Race.  The Rumble's President will make these decisions as they come up and we ask that you respect these decisions.


- Door slammer classes – Wheels are REQUIRED to be a reproduction or original 60’s style wheel.  Cars that plan to race and us Moon disc wheels MUST have them screwed to the rim. The Rumble will allow first series GM rally wheels when the center cap and trim ring have been removed. Steel OEM style wheels are allowed. Nostalgic/Vintage reproduction wheels (13” 14” 15” 16”), such as a slat flat wheel or gasser front spoked wheel are allowed. (See the ‘not allowed’ section below for more wheel details). Wheel width on door slammers should not be more than 12”. If in doubt send a picture. 

- Lettering and Accessories- This is a vintage race, so vinyl letting with modern product references and other non-period correct lettering is prohibited. Long Wheelie bars, under car lighting, fiberglass hood scoops (or other non-60’s air intake/filter systems), JC Whitney style accessories, tractor grill shells, open wheeled rods with rack and pinions exposed and so on will not make it through pre-registration. This is not a Pro/Mod Pro/Street show or drag race. With that said, if you have a mashed up Rat Rod with non-distinguishable model year or re purposed kitchen utensils welded all over it, this is really not the event for you. If in doubt, send a picture. Better to be told no in advance than at the host hotel when you are at last minute trying to register.

- Typical track safety items such as radiator overflow reservoir, seat belts and others standard tech items are required.  The Rumble does NOT make the final tech decisions on vehicles.  Thunder Valley Drag Strip may point out safety concerns and the track Tech Official is has the final say. By registering your vehicle to race, you are taking on the responsibility to ensure your car is safe to race and you have inspected your car for potential issues PRIOR to race day.  SAFETY begins with you.

Cars/Equipment Allowed:

-Clones and tribute cars, restored gassers, rails, altered’s, super stock, hot rods, stockers, bikes.

-Original & unrestored race cars, barn finds


-Most front engine dragsters, does necessarily need to be original ’64 or older but must fit the theme of The Rumble.

-Later model chassis as long as car/wheels fit the overall look and the car fits the event.

-Edelbrock carbs, Holley Carbs, Demon, Stromberg repro, vintage style carbs.  Injection systems, Enderle, Hilborne, Crower, and others that are vintage style.

-Open engine compartments: reproduction finned aluminum valve covers, intakes, scoops, gauges etc.

-GMC type superchargers (see below), factory equipped superchargers, example – Studebaker, Ford/Paxton.

-Modern safety equipment, cage, helmet, belts, fire suites, modern scatter shields, slicks, drive shaft loops, other safety equipment.

-Vintage paint, or recently restored cars.

-Rev limiters, electronic ignitions, MSD, alternators, electric fuel pumps.

-Disc brakes front or rear.

-Crate motors, big blocks, after market 50’s/60’s design Hemi’s.

Pie crust slicks – Hurst, Towel City, etc.

- NITROUS OXIDE Open Class only. Bottle, plumbing and all other parts of the system must be concealed under the hood, covered & hidden. Vehicle must otherwise appear to be 1964 in appearance. It is possible for these cars to run in 2 classes. Nitrous cars must keep hoods closed in car show area.

- Turbos: Open Class only. Turbo and its Plumbing must be concealed under the hood, covered and hidden. The exterior of the vehicle must otherwise appear to be 1964 or older in appearance. No visible Intake Air Horns & Hood closed in car show area.

- Other Super Chargers: Open Class only, Pro Charger, screw and centrifugal type modern superchargers must be concealed and hidden. The exterior of the vehicle must otherwise appear to be 1964 or older in appearance. Hood closed in car show area.


These items will not be allowed on the drag strip or car show.  FAILURE to follow the rules will result in the vehicle to be parked in the spectator parking, no racing, no show.

- Any car that does not have the correct 60’s era wheels listed at least 5 times on this site! Wheels must match the 

photo sent with your pre-registration.

- Any Car that does not match the picture you submitted with pre-registration. For example, you submit a photo with pre-registration with stock wheels and no hood scoop and show up with 22” wheels and a cowl induction scoop, you will not be allowed into the event. Also any wheels/tire combo’s changed at the track, must match the wheel and tire requirements laid out in other sections. If you change your steel wheels for some modern non vintage wheels at the track or car show, you will be required to reinstall period correct wheels back on the vehicle. 

-Any Cowl induction hoods, bubble, snorkel scoops that is not 60’s vintage style. 

-Absolutely NO: Pro-street, pro touring, 80’s graphics, pastel paints, florescent paints, even if the car is 1964 or earlier. If the car does not seem to fit the event, it will not be allow ed to register or pre-registrar. No Billet-No Billet-No Billet

-Any Weld wheels, Centerlines, Pro-Stars, Super Tricks or other Billet wheels that went on the market after the 1960’s.

-Any Billet valve covers, air cleaners, master cylinder covers unless under a closed hood. 

-Any delay boxes, stutter boxes, or other electronic devices that cause the engine to stutter UNLESS your car is in open class. No exceptions. If your car stutters or steps in any class but the open class, you will be moved to the open class with the other computer cars. 

- Any modern engines such as the LS or Mod or late model HEMI engine unless under a closed engine compartment. Keep your hood closed during the show and hood must be on the vehicle when you are racing. These engines are NOT allowed in rails or altered’s. If a modern engine is under the hood, you will be only qualified to race in the Open Class only.

- Any raised white or yellow lettering on modern slicks MUST have the black wall out. (old school type white lettering). No Red Line tires.

-Vintage golf carts and mini bikes to be operated by drivers at least 16 years old. NO underage drivers allowed. Vintage 60’s style bicycles welcome.

-Whining about the rules.



Swap Meet Details

Swap Meet Saturday May 24 & 25, 2019. Gates open for business at 7:00 A.M. Classic car, truck and motorcycle parts, paraphernalia & accessories.

Swap Meet participants are encouraged to set up the morning of Friday May 24. Link to the pre-screen and pre-registration form :

Contact us

Food & Automotive related vendors


Vendors wanted!

Vendors - This Section will be updated as we get closer to the show weekend. If you are interested in becoming a vendor for food or automotive related item - email us at

Truck or vendor space $30.00 

You will need your own power. 

Food Vendors- must meet county health code requirements.

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  1. 2 Day Pass $25.00  (includes entry to swap meet, Car Show, Test and Tune & Drags, Live Music)
  2. 1-Day Pass $15.00
  3. Kids under 12 free

The use of Easy Up tents and other modern "shelters" are discouraged. There will be designated areas for Easy Up tent other sheltering devices. See the vision for the Rumble At Thunder Valley. We are trying to keep the backdrop for photo's as authentic to a weekend at the drags in the fall of 1964. Thank you in advance for understanding. If you have special needs please contact us and we will accommodate.

Some other stuff around Bethany

The Speed Shop

24578 E US Highway 136

Bethany, Missouri

The speed shop is a hot rod & restoration shop. We will do anything from full restoration to building your next hot rod! 

Family Budget Inn (Host Hotel)

4014  Miller Steet

Bethany, MO 64424

Toll Free: 877-283-4388

Tel: 660-425-7915

Fax: 660-425-3697

Oreilys' Auto Parts

 2201 Main Street

Bethany, MO 64424 

Car Quest

1803 E Main St
Bethany, MO 64424

Main Number
(660) 425-7155

Sinclar Station ( 91 Octane Ethanol Free Gas )

4126 Miller St  

Bethany MO  6442